Service Animal (2013)

A live book report on the filthiest audiobook I’ve ever heard, Full Service written by Scotty Bowers, a bisexual ex-marine who sexually serviced and arranged tricks for the Hollywood elite from the mid ‘40s through the 1980s. His life directly intersected with and drew parallels to Ronald Reagan’s, which was serendipitously underscored by the fact that the actor reading the book sounded eerily like Reagan, even while spewing the most downright disgusting sexual anecdotes you can imagine. In a nod to Reagan's career in Westerns and Bower's kink, I lasso an audience member. As an antidote to Bowers' spectacularly unimaginative use of language, I project a lexicon of sexual slang using invented and reappropriated words while building a mini corral.

Performed June 2013 at Queertopia at Intermedia Arts (Mpls)

Photos by Farrington Llewellyn and video still

© 2018 Karen Sherman