Universal Donor (in-progress)

Tenderness and violence, donation and discrimination, how we keep each other alive and destroy each other are central themes in Universal Donor, which explores blood donation, fugue states, heat waves, domestic violence, laboratory animals, guns, AIDS, family, astronomy, and the body. Together, they create a latticework of images that plumb the consanguinity between humans, events, animals, objects, and beliefs.

It consist of three parts—a visual art show, a dance, and a book—each in conversation with and containing elements of the other (e.g., the dance has text and visuals; the art show requires bodily engagement; the book is an interactive art object). The dance is commissioned by Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton University through their Caroline Hearst Choreographer-in-Residence program.

Part one, Minor Bodies, a solo visual art show consisting of objects, drawings, video, and interactive sculpture, was presented by Hair+Nails gallery in Minneapolis, March 2018. Images are below (photos by Sean Smuda and Karen Sherman).

  Read more about this show in the Hair+Nails magazine, here.

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